Tourist Card




1.1. Each Tourist Card is and remains the property of the issuing company named “MARKS & SPENCER MARINOPOULOS GREECE" (hereafter “The Company”) and the holder is obliged to return it upon first demand.

1.2. The holder is entitled to use the Card in the store network of the Company, always within the framework specified at times by the Company at the company’s site and in the store network.

1.3. The cardholder must be a permanent resident abroad, as he/she certifies in the application he/she fills in for its issuance.

1.4. The Tourist Card is not a credit or debit Card. The holder by presenting it cannot conduct money transactions, but only except to participate in promotional activities as they will be specified and published at the company’s site in the store network.

1.5. The Tourist Card remains Anonymous and no Personal data is collected and/or further processed.

1.6. It is mandatory to present the personal Tourist Card in order for the cardholder to participate in promotional activities. This Card does not collect points and does not award the 10% reward coupon.

1.7. In no case may the Card and the right to offers and discounts be exchanged for cash.

1.8. The Tourist Card is valid only in Greece and in the network of company stores within Hellenic territory.

1.9. In case of loss, theft or damage, the Tourist Card cannot be replaced.

1.10.        To receive a Tourist Card, the registration form must be completed and signed in full.

1.11.        The Company reserves the right to refuse nomination of the Card to any person (who is not a permanent resident abroad in accordance with article 1.3 above).

1.12.        Tourist Card scheme may be cancelled at any time.

1.13.        All Tourist Card holders are deemed to have read and accepted these general terms.

1.14.        These general terms and conditions may be subject to change.



2.1. The Company has the right to terminate at any time, without notice or justification, this agreement with the cardholder (or to forbid any use of the Tourist Card).

2.2. The Tourist Card entitles the cardholder to participate in promotional activities for as long as those are valid. The Company reserves the right to change such period at its discretion.

2.3. The Company is entitled to unilaterally amend any of the terms of this agreement. The Company reserves the right to amend or terminate the entitlement of the cardholder to participate in promotional activities.

2.4. If for any reason, the Company amends all or part of the terms of the program or terminates the entitlement of participation in promotional activities, the participant reserves no claim against the Company, since the participant already hereby acknowledges that this an entitlement provided freely by the company.


3.      Personal Data Processing

3.1. Every processing operation of any personal data is conducted according to Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and the Hellenic Law 4624/2019. The Tourist Card is anonymous and no personal data related to the Card holder are collected and/or processed through its use. For more information on M&S Privacy Policy please refer here.


4.1. The Company reserves the right to withdraw promotional activities at any time.

4.2. The Tourist Card is never exchangeable for cash and never gives right to cash.


5.      Contact Details



33-35 Ermou Street




These general terms and conditions are governed by Hellenic law. Any disputes arising out of or relating to these general terms and conditions shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts in Athens, Greece.