Welcome to the new reward system of Marks & Spencer Bonus Card


The new Marks & Spencer Bonus Card is here to offer you fantastic benefits! With the new M&S Bonus Card you can collect points with every purchase and redeem them any time you wish.

The new way of rewarding is as follows:


For every purchase you make at Marks & Spencer we reward you with points!

This applies even for products on offer. More specifically, for every 1 Euro you spend in our stores, we reward you with 1 point which is equivalent to 1 cent upon redemption.

Apart from the points you collect when making a purchase, the new Marks & Spencer Bonus Card scheme offers you extra bonus points:

  • By registering as a new member, you automatically win 100 points.
  • We will be running special offers on a regular basis, in order to offer you even more ways to increase your points.

At the same time, for every purchase worth of 300€, we will continue to give you the 10% discount voucher.

More points, more benefits for you.

This is the new Marks & Spencer Bonus Card!