How do I register online?

You can select ''Register Now'' from the menu on the left and then fill in the form with your personal details.

How can I receive my card if I register online?

By registering online, you will receive a unique code via SMS. You can then visit any Marks & Spencer store, fill in the code on the in-store registration form, and get your card on the spot. You don’t need to fill in any other information (e.g. Name, surname etc.) apart from the code on the registration from. You can receive your Bonus card from any Marks & Spencer store in Greece.

How do I update my details and get 100 extra points?

If you choose "My account" in the menu on the left, you can get a new password and take a look at the details of your card. If any of them has changed, you can update them and earn 100 points! These points will be credited to your card within one week after the update.

Can I get the new Marks & Spencer Bonus Card in-store?

Of course, you can fill in the Application Form that you will find at the till-point and receive the new Marks & Spencer Bonus Card instantly. Furthermore, we will offer you 100 points for signing up.

How can I get informed of the points I have collected so far?

Once you get a password, you visit "My account", enter your password and track your points.

For any other questions or clarifications, please contact us at OPGreece.info@marks-and-spencer.com.