Terms & Conditions Tourist Card

I agree and accept that the company with the trade name MARKS & SPENCER MARINOPOULOS GREECE seated in Athens (33-35 Ermou Str.) and with its Central offices located in Alimos Attika (63 Ag.Dimitriou Str.) will keep an archive and process my personal data which I am declaring by the present for the purpose of its product management and services, the management of its client list and the promoting of its products and services. These dataare not disclosed to third parties other than the company that provides CRM services on behalf of MARKS & SPENCER MARINOPOULOS GREECE subject to confidentiality restrictions. In any case, I reserve the rights of updating, accessing and objecting to the process of my data pursuant to article 11 to 13 of the L. 2472/1997andmy right of withdrawing my consent for the use of my personal data or requesting thedeletion of my personal data after prior relevant notice to MARKS & SPENCER MARINOPOULOS GREECE. Furthermore, I declare that I have the complete knowledge of the terms resulting by the program and the card, as they are mentioned below, which I am unconditionally accepting.



  • Every member card is and remains property of the issuing company MARKS & SPENCER MARINOPOULOS GREECE and its holder is obliged to hand it out in case the holder is asked to do so.
  • The member Card is strictly personal. The assignment of the card in any case is strictly forbidden.
  • The holder has the right to use his card in the company store network of MARKS & SPENCER MARINOPOULOS GREECE, always according to the framework designated and announced to the holder by the company MARKS & SPENCER MARINOPOULOS GREECE every time.
  • The member card is not a credit card. The holder cannot perform financial transactions by displaying the card, but only enjoy the privileges of the card as they are granted and announced by the company MARKS & SPENCER MARINOPOULOS GREECE.
  • The only obligation of the holder in order to enjoy the privileges of the program is to display the personal member card.
  • In any case the card, the number of points and the reduction percentage cannot be returned in money.For every1 euro of purchases, the cardholder will collect 1 point (1euro = 1point). The company reserves the right to unilaterally amend the reward system and to alter or replace the amount of rewards.The member card and the privilege program are valid only in Greece andthe storesof the company in the Greek territory.
  • The redeemed points are refundable.
  • In case the return of an item is being done through refund, the respective points are deducted from the total points balance.
  • As soon as the card holder reaches the amount of 300€ in purchases, he/ she is entitled to a 10% discount voucher for his/ her next purchase, except when the 300€ has been spend on Tax free purchases. In case the card holder utilizes the benefit of Tax free purchases worth of 300€ or more, he/ she is not entitled to the 10% discount voucher, as the benefits of the Tax Free purchases are not directly combined with the 10% discount coupon.
  • In Tax free purchases, the points from the transaction are added in the tourist card. If the card holder wants to receive the 10% discount voucher having made Tax free purchases worth of 300€ or more, he/ she needs to make one extra retail transaction of any value. As soon as the member makes a retail transaction after his/ her Tax free transaction, he/ she will automatically receive the voucher, if he/she has reached the amount of 300€ in purchases.


  • The company MARKS & SPENCER MARINOPOULOS GREECE reserves the right to denounce any time, without forewarning or reasoning, the present contract towards the holder (or to forbid any use of the card).
  • The member card grants its holders the privileges for the time period the privilege program of MARKS & SPENCER is valid. The company MARKS & SPENCER MARINOPOULOS GREECE reserves any right to modify this time period according to its discretion.
  • The company MARKS & SPENCER MARINOPOULOS GREECE has the right to reform partially any term of the present contract, including the method of calculating the points and the purchase rewarding. This kind of reform will be announced to the holder with any available mean by using the contact details that he has stated in this application or by posting any relevant modification within the stores of the company. The company MARKS & SPENCER MARINOPOULOS GREECE reserves the right to modify or to terminate the privilege program of MARKS & SPENCER. In any case there will be a written announcement to the participator of the privilege program.
  • If for any reason the company MARKS & SPENCER MARINOPOULOS GREECE will reform a part or all the terms of the program or terminate the privilege program, the holder does not reserve the right for any claim towards the company since with the present it is recognised that it is a privilege program granted by the distribution of the company.
  • Bonus points are barred after two years.


  • The card can be replaced in case of loss, theft or destruction in any store of the MARKS & SPENCER MARINOPOULOS GREECE network.
  • The participant of the program is obliged to inform the MARKS & SPENCER MARINOPOULOS GREECE for a possible address or phone number change of the data declared initially, either via phone or written. Until the announcement of this kind of change every document is send to the old address.
  • If the holder of the member card does not wish to receive an informative promotion material via mail or e-mail, he is kindly requested to declare it at the area of additional information.


 The program participant acknowledges that is aware of the following:

  • MARKS & SPENCER MARINOPOULOS Greece reserves the right to process personal data of the present holder  for the purposes of improvement of its client list and promoting of its products and services.
  • The personal data of the participants in the program may be transmitted to third parties within the European Union or other parties assigned from the company for the management of the relevant file.
  • The program participant is entitled to withdraw his consent or to correct, modify or request deletion of personal data upon notification to the Marketing Department of  MARKS & SPENCER MARINOPOULOS GREECE.
  • By signing the application, the participant gives his consent to MARKS & SPENCER MARINOPOULOS GREECE  to use his personal data as described above and accepts the terms of the MARKS & SPENCER Club Card.